Tuesday, December 30, 2008

shoes that kick, almost crawling!

Hi Everyone! Well, my first pair of high tops arrived in the mail yesterday and they were put on my feet immediately. Momma couldn't wait, but I wasn't so sure. I wore them all day, all the way up until bedtime, and I think I could get used to this shoe wearing... the soles felt nice for rubbing my new teeth on, they made a great noise when I crashed them together and when someone helped me stand up, I could practice my tap dancing/clogging routine. Hooray for shoes.
So onto other topics, I'm getting pretty strong and coordinated. I'm posting a video of me dropping things and picking them up again and you can see how good I am at leaning all the way forward and then picking myself up again. Next stop, crawling!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

We're in Portland!

Just a quick post to say we made it to Portland safely and are so excited to visit with everyone here!
Also, I'm posting a pic of my new front teeth that are coming in. What a Christmas!!
Big hugs for everyone!!
xoxoxo Eamon

p.s. Remember, if you want to look closer at the picture of my teeth, just double click on it! It's kinda the only way you can really see my new chompers...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

more snow!

Well, we still have all of our old snow and they're saying we're going to get more. Hooray! Looks like my first Christmas will be super duper white. Mommy and Daddy had a little snowball fight the other night to show me what it's all about and they say they're going to make a snowman today, after I've had my nap. We'll see...

We're having some people over tonight to decorate out Christmas Tree. Mommy made lots of cookies and treats and Poppa shoveled the stairs off so people can come in the front gate, boy is there a lot of snow!!

I will probably put up some pictures later of the party and maybe a video if we take any.
Until then, stay warm everyone! Santa is coming soon!
xoxoxo Eamon

Friday, December 19, 2008


Okay, we got a lot of snow. Momma and Boppa took lots of pictures of the snow and some of me in it. And maybe I should show you also some pictures of me in my santa's helper hat, or rather eating the jingle bell on top (don't worry it's safely sewed on!) I thought I should also show you a picture of me and my friend Jackson in our "elf hats" (they're actually knitted trees that my Auntie Rebecca is going to wash and felt). Jack is 13 months older than me but we're best friends and will be even after I move to London.
Don't forget if you double click or left click on the pictures you like, it will open up the big jpg for easier viewing!

The Zoo!

Mommy and Daddy took me to the zoo last weekend and I got to see a lot of neat animals. One thing I really liked was the talk with the elephants. They came out one at a time and painted! Even I don't paint... well not yet. If you look behind me in the second picture you can see the big African Elephant. I forget her name but she's almost as old as mommy! And they said she doesn't like showers! (Not me. I like showers. And baths, too. Mommy and daddy call me Captain Splashy!)
Here are some pictures from our day. I also saw a red panda, who I liked, a tapir, a gibbon (who made me very excited and I jumped around while he ran up a tree. I think I like gibbons), a dwarf cow that I didn't like so much, lots of goats and sheep (who I recognized from Thanksgiving!) and a whole lot of birds.
My mommy was looking at what they have at the London Zoo and it looks like there's a lot to see there. It's a much smaller space than the Woodland Park Zoo, so I hope the animals are just as happy there as they are here in Seattle.
That's all for now. Oh! The green thing on my hand in the last picture is a sock. It's the only thing I'll keep on my hands to stay warm... my mommy and daddy keep trying mittens, but I'm a master at getting them off.
More soon. And some pictures of the snow we've been getting. I like snow a lot.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Kazoo time

I thought you might all want to see how good I am on my kazoo:

I'm pretty serious about my kazoobin' but the tambourine is pretty fun too.
Also, mommy's been wrapping presents and getting us ready for our big move to London, so there's always boxes around the house these days
If I could help mommy in any way, it would be to be on my best behavior and keep busy playing while mommy runs around. And so that's what I've been doing. Playing in a box is hours of activity! Well, 10 minutes...
And then there's teething biscuits. THOSE are hours of fun!
Big hugs to everyone!
I'll let you know when these two new teeth show up.
xoxoxoxo Eamon

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Feeling better

I've had a cold. So I've been a bit crabby, since I've been congested. What it really means is I haven't let momma or boppa put me down much, so there haven't been enough hands free to blog lately. Things have been pretty exciting around here. We're moving to London, which means I get to have an accent once I start really talking. I'm already practicing in my mind, I'd like jam with my crumpets, I don't want to queue for the bus and I want to watch the lorries carrying their cargo...
Here's some more pictures of me. I think I grew since these ones. Some of my outfits are starting to feel a little bit short.
We went to Walla Walla for Thanksgiving and I got to sleep over on a farm with goats (over 100!), chickens, pigs, ducks, and some sheep (but they were shy). We're going to put up some pictures of the farm soon. I think the best pics are of me on the swing there, but in the meantime, I've posted a picture of me on the swing here in Seattle. It was pretty fun.

Also, here's a picture of me hanging out at home with my parents. They're goofy, but I have my moments, too.

I think I should put another video up so you can see me in action. I'm thinking one day, I could trade out the exersaucer for a drum kit!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beautiful Fall Weather

It's been so pretty out, with the leaves falling and the wind blowing. We've even had a lot of sun. When it's that nice I get to go to the park and swing in the baby swings. I'm so big and strong that I can hang on without any help from Momma or Daddy. When I get to play on the big mat at the park, sometimes my momma will gather some leaves for me to play with. Mostly I just examine them...
Speaking of examining, when we went to the beach last Sunday, I got to play with the sand for the first time ever. It was really neat!
I thought everyone might like to see another picture of me in my Halloween hat. It's sideways but maybe Daddy can figure out a way to fix that...

Love and Hugs, xoxoxo Eamon

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween and other green, slimy things

After a lot of debate I went out on the town on October 31st with a spider on my head, sewn by my mommy in the last hour before it was time to go. It worked out though and with my black onesie and orange socks I was comfy and costumed. As if my first Halloween was not excitement enough, I've been dabbling in new solid foods. I love avocado. Most of the time it will all make it into my mouth, but this first experiment in Rice Cereal Applesauce Avocado Mash (yes, my mommy is a chef and she made this for me...) ended up mostly on my pjs. Mommy and Daddy thought I looked a lot like a monster baby. The picture is at the start of this post...

Now that it's starting to get a little chillier and the leaves are all changing on the trees and fall off, we try to go on family walks whenever there's a pretty day. Last weekend was so pretty we ran off to Greenlake for a walk and at the end of it went to a place for lunch. By the time we got back to the car, I was pretty pooped! When things are a little more quiet and we are driving around, I get pretty mellow.

That's all for now. I'm getting pretty close to crawling so I'm sure there'll be a post about that next time! Unless there are just more pictures of me eating these crazy new solid foods!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hi Everyone!

I decided it might be easier for you all to watch me grow up on a blog (a web log in long hand). You can look at pictures and videos of me more easily and my mommy and daddy can write things about how I'm progressing with sitting up, eating, crawling and one day- WALKING!

Right now, I'm getting pretty tall at almost 7 months old. I'm 28" and I weigh about 19 pounds, which makes me kind of a bruiser when I'm in my exersaucer playing. I like to jump up and down once in a while just to hear everything go BOOM! I've also started to try crawling... I've got the leg part worked out, but my head, shoulders and arms are being most disagreeable.

Also, my two first teeth are always active. I'm constantly chewing on things- mostly toys and blankies and any kind of fabric really- but my favorite chomp is mommy or daddy's fingers. Ouch! Mostly I'm just becoming a happy little goofball. I've learned how to make a raspberry and that's a source of constant entertainment for me.

More soon. I'll put pictures all throughout the text so you can see how happy I always am. But here's one that shows how my mood can be when I need a diaper change!
I'm sending you all big hugs and kisses! Eamon