Friday, December 19, 2008

The Zoo!

Mommy and Daddy took me to the zoo last weekend and I got to see a lot of neat animals. One thing I really liked was the talk with the elephants. They came out one at a time and painted! Even I don't paint... well not yet. If you look behind me in the second picture you can see the big African Elephant. I forget her name but she's almost as old as mommy! And they said she doesn't like showers! (Not me. I like showers. And baths, too. Mommy and daddy call me Captain Splashy!)
Here are some pictures from our day. I also saw a red panda, who I liked, a tapir, a gibbon (who made me very excited and I jumped around while he ran up a tree. I think I like gibbons), a dwarf cow that I didn't like so much, lots of goats and sheep (who I recognized from Thanksgiving!) and a whole lot of birds.
My mommy was looking at what they have at the London Zoo and it looks like there's a lot to see there. It's a much smaller space than the Woodland Park Zoo, so I hope the animals are just as happy there as they are here in Seattle.
That's all for now. Oh! The green thing on my hand in the last picture is a sock. It's the only thing I'll keep on my hands to stay warm... my mommy and daddy keep trying mittens, but I'm a master at getting them off.
More soon. And some pictures of the snow we've been getting. I like snow a lot.

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