Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Great Big Move!!

I'm sure you would all like some details on our immigrating to London yesterday. To start it went very very smoothly. We however snapped nary a picture... so here's my account:
After getting our tickets less than 12 hours before departure, we all had a great flight. Eamon slept like a dream for a lot of it, and we got some in as well. For the part Eamon wasn't sleeping he was flirting, nibbling on our food and playing with his toys at our feet. All amazing behavior
considering he is definitely just about to get two more teeth.
Getting all of the luggage to check in and then from baggage claim to the car service was pretty hilarious, two carts stacked 4 high, precariously balanced, pushed by one person and the other with E in his stroller and another bag pulled behind. Pretty funny and we didn't take a single
picture, it's too bad. We managed to get everything without a spill to the pick u area and when we were looking for our driver Sean said "Oh, there he is with the grey shirt and the brown tie." He should have said- oh he's the guy with the mullet of the millenium. About 6 inches of grey locks hanging from a respectably shorn top with a nice bald spot in back. The guy was very nice, but I couldn't stop looking at the mullet and wondering what hair bands he used to listen to in the 80s.
We had a lovely drive to our flat, weaving through Chiswick, being let by the "SatNav" (GPS). I still can't get my head around driving on the left. I kept getting confused by our turns. Luckily no car and driving awaits us here in our new life.
The flat is a little bit posh and a little bit cheesy, but bit by bit we're making it our own for the 4 weeks we're here. There are maids who come M-F, I gather, and I haven't made it down to the steam/sauna yet or the pool, but it's been less than 24 hours. Soon we'll get Eamon in that pool to give it a whirl. I wonder if the Marks and Spencer down the block will have gear for him?
We have had the best fish and chips of our lives and a couple of perfect pints of Guinness however. I think Eamon may have disrupted a date happening at the next table by flirting with the gal a lot. The poor guy just didn't stand a chance being upstaged by a smiling 10 month old. The place was called The Salt House and it's just a stone's throw from our place, so we'll probably have pictures of E there soon enough.
I can count of one hand the number of pots and pans in our kitchen here. Those who know me would totally laugh. And the counter space is dominated by a microwave neither of us can figure out (so we just keep hitting "quickstart" which does 15 seconds on high). Also, I have claimed the larger bathroom as mine, which I think will be a marriage saver. Now Sean can be as messy as he wants in his own, because mine is just as closeby and is just my stuff. I've never thought I would be so territorial about something like a bathroom!
Views from the flat are great, but you have to stand to see them over the frosted glass balcony "rail". Still it's London and it's impressive. Just as much by day as by night. We had a great sunset on our first night, which seemed like a big ribbon bow on top of our new gift of living as expats in this amazing and fantastic city.
I'll be updating the blog with pictures as soon as we start snapping them. Check back in soon.
All our love,
Eamon's mommy/mum

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I just went to London for the first time. We stayed at a really nice hotel in Soho where the staff all played with me whenever I saw them. I slept a lot, we went on the Tube, I rode around in my new stroller and we looked for neighborhoods to live in when we move in a couple of weeks.
I'm pretty excited to have a british accent one day, but mostly I'm just excited to be in one time zone long enough to get adjusted and not have to be so sleepy.