Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hi Everyone!

I decided it might be easier for you all to watch me grow up on a blog (a web log in long hand). You can look at pictures and videos of me more easily and my mommy and daddy can write things about how I'm progressing with sitting up, eating, crawling and one day- WALKING!

Right now, I'm getting pretty tall at almost 7 months old. I'm 28" and I weigh about 19 pounds, which makes me kind of a bruiser when I'm in my exersaucer playing. I like to jump up and down once in a while just to hear everything go BOOM! I've also started to try crawling... I've got the leg part worked out, but my head, shoulders and arms are being most disagreeable.

Also, my two first teeth are always active. I'm constantly chewing on things- mostly toys and blankies and any kind of fabric really- but my favorite chomp is mommy or daddy's fingers. Ouch! Mostly I'm just becoming a happy little goofball. I've learned how to make a raspberry and that's a source of constant entertainment for me.

More soon. I'll put pictures all throughout the text so you can see how happy I always am. But here's one that shows how my mood can be when I need a diaper change!
I'm sending you all big hugs and kisses! Eamon

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