Sunday, November 28, 2010

A trip to York for trains and snow!

We had a great time in York this weekend, even though Daddy couldn't come.  The next time we go, we'll show him everything we saw, like the National Railway Museum!  We went there for the whole morning of our second day and had so much fun that I had my nap a little late.  But it was so much fun- I saw a train get turned around on a turntable, we ate in the restaurant that I thought was on a train full of very hungry people (it wasn't but Mommy didn't correct me), I rode on Thomas the Tank Engine several times and I got to sing a song about trains with a whole group of school kids.

The night we arrived there was a little snow on the ground- barely enough to make tiny snowballs but we really wanted to have a snowball fight so we worked very hard to scrape it all up.  On our second day it seemed like maybe we wouldn't get any snow, but on our last night 3 inches feel while we slept.  Boy was it fun to play in.  We were the first people out in certain parts of the park, so we got to make the first tracks, the best snowballs and have lots of fun running around.

Oh, and I had lots of fun scaring birds.