Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Gramps!

Eamon wanted to make a special happy birthday video for Gramps! It features Eamon, his handmade robot Boxy, and our special temporary houseguest Speedy the tortoise.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Bedtime conversations

Bedtime is my favorite time of day with Eamon. The boys hide under the covers and I "find" them with the help of his pack of stuffed animals who like to peek out of the covers and give them up. Then there are cuddles, stories and lullabies. Sometimes, Eamon and I have a chance to chat and philosophize. Last night was the best yet.
He asked if he would always live with us and then, before I could answer, declared that when he grows up he'll move away. But how far, he pondered. Not too far, he confirmed. He asked if he could still visit us and see us all the time when that day comes. And maybe he could still have breakfast with us?

Then he hugged me very tight around the neck, wondering what would happen when he has kids? I said why would it be different? Well, he'd be busy with them, because babies need lots of help. So I volunteered Sean and my help to babysit these babies he would have.
He seemed satisfied that our help would be adequate and certainly necessary, then waxed on about how many kids he would like to have. Maybe just one, like me, he said with a satisfied finality. Unless, I have twins, so two. Or maybe three, then they could all play together... Or maybe, Mommy, I'd like to have four or five. But I'd need a mommy because that's a lot of kids.
So I guess at some point down the line, when we're very old (as Eamon pointed out), Sean and I will be grandparents to five kids, maybe some will be twins. And we'll all be having breakfast together every day.
Like I said, I love bedtime the best.