Saturday, March 21, 2009

My first family visit in London! So fun!

Very nice Traditional Pies at the Borough Market
My grandparents are visiting us this month.
We've done lots of fun things, including walking
all over the place! We went to The Borough Market,
saw the Old Globe Theatre where some guy
named William used to put on plays he wrote a
very very long time ago.
On the way home from our big walk, we walked across
the Millenium Bridge, over the Thames River.
The sun was setting which all the grownups seemed to like.
My favorite thing actually was the way the shiny floor
made my buggy vibrate. Good for relaxing!

On my first big day out with my grandparents,
we went to Gymboree. My first class ever and
boy did I have fun!! Popo took lots of pictures,
so we'll try to have them up soon so everyone
can see how much fun I had!
On the second day we wanted to do something
that Grandma and Popo have been looking
forward to since they were last in London 4
years ago! (That's a super duper long time.)
We went to Ye Olde Mitre. Here's a picture of me at the table in front of our little area where we had a fireplace. Yes, that's my Guardsman from the Queen's Palace at Westminster.
Here's a video of Grandma and Popo and me at the Mitre.

We'll check in again soon with more to report.
Big hugs and kisses!

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