Monday, March 23, 2009

more fun in the UK!

While on a walk with my Uncle Wayne, we found a great way to go to the zoo... On a boat! That's the boat right behind me. It was sort of rainy on the day my mommy took this picture, but I think I'm going to take my Grandma and Popo there today so I might have better, sunnier pictures soon.
Our first trip we took to Surrey we
rode the train from Waterloo Station to
Walton on Thames where my Auntie
Anne picked us up and we hung out at
her new house. Aunt Anne has a girl
named Lily who is 6 and who fascinates me. When we come to visit, she sets up all of her toys so that I can play (she's getting ready to have twin younger brothers, so he practice is good), and very often she's dressed up like a sparkly princess when she gets home from school and changes out of her uniform.

Here I am for our first trip to Hampton Court Palace

We keep meeting lots of very nice people who know our friends back in the states. One of those people is my Auntie Jaqi, who also lives in Surrey. She was very kind and had us all over for a big lunch and then afterwards we went to the pub next door where I think they like babies a lot! I had a very nice time flirting with a lady there and then I got so tired from all the activity I fell asleep!

Auntie Jaqi and Aunt Anne having some nummy dessert

Asleep at The Phoenix in Sunbury on Thames

One other really fun thing I've done with Mommy and my Uncle Si is to walk along the south bank of the Thames. I asked Mommy if we could ride on the London Eye and she said yes. We also saw some people making bugs and things out of sand. It was super neato. I think when I get a little older I'm have a greater appreciation of it. Or at least that's what mommy says.

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