Sunday, April 4, 2010

Springtime with my pal Jasmine!

Its springtime and London is turning green! And to make it even better I've been spending a lot of time playing with my best friend Jasmine. Mommy and Daddy are friends with Jasmine's parents, Nick and Lizzy, too, which makes it extra fun to get together and run around. Jasmine and I like to run around and scream a lot.

Now that the temperature's getting warmer I like to go to the playground with Mommy or Daddy (or both!) and play on the swing. I call it the "wheeeee!!" for obvious reasons.

Last week Mommy, Daddy and I went to Kew Gardens with Jasmine and her parents. There's a play area there that I love called "creepers and climbers".

Mommy got a treat for Jasmine and I on the way to Kew Gardens --- CUPCAKES! I'm still practicing how to eat frosting without getting it all over my nose. But hopefully I'll get lots of chances to practice, since we plan on going to Kew a lot this spring and summer.

That's Me with my blue cupcake and down there is Jasmine with her Red cupcake. Later we traded, so my face was covered in red and blue frosting.

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