Friday, December 25, 2009

I'm soccer crazy!

Everybody who knows me knows i love to kick a ball around. In the heath or in the flat - it doesn't matter where. If there's a ball within reach i must kick it!

So daddy thought it would be nice to share some pictures of me doing my favorite thing. He hopes you enjoy them!

This one is me in hampstead heath. I'm not kicking here, but I'm pretty psyched.

This one is from when we went to Paris. We were in a square, near a pretty church. There were tourists everywhere.

Here's another one from the same square.

This one is from the other day when it was snowy in London. I was kicking the ball all around hampstead heath. I ran a lot that day!

Here's me posing for the camera. Yayy!

And here's a quick little video of me dribbling the ball on our trip to Stockholm this past summer. I was pretty young then, only about 15 months old. I'm a lot better at it now!

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