Saturday, August 1, 2009

busy busy little me

I've been so busy! I've gone to four new countries this summer (just passed through two but I have my passport stamps!) Brussels (via France), Sweden (via Norway) and then home again. I hope one day I'll remember my adventures or just keep reliving them until I get old enough to remember on my own.

I've gotten so much better at walking, running and kicking the soccer ball. I practiced in The Grand Place in Brussels, the parks of Stockholm and then at our friends' home in Greksnas, Sweden where we spent time in the gardens and by the lake.

And I'm learning to play the harmonica!

When people come to visit, I've been practicing talking and giving speeches. Then again I also practice at home when it's just mommy and daddy and me. I've learned to say Daddy and I'm starting to learn how to call out to him.

Here's a video of me doing one of my favorite things- getting tickled and laughing with Mommy and Daddy.

See you all soon!
More milestones to come.

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