Saturday, May 16, 2009

Learning to walk, more playgroups and making friends

Things have been pretty busy around here since I took my first steps. Mommy and Daddy spend most of their time watching me practice my walking and plopping down, but lately there's been more stepping than falling. Boy is it a workout! Now when I take a nap, it's usually for a couple of hours, because I'm super beat.
But walking sure is fun.
I'm getting pretty good at picking things up while I'm standing, usually an empty box or a ball. If it's a ball I normally try to toss it to Mommy or Daddy. If it's a box I try to walk it to them or put it up on a table or the couch. Very serious stuff.

Mommy and I started a new playgroup called Sing and Sign. I like singing so much Mommy thought it might be something I'd like. So far it is fun! All of the other kids in the class are my same age and they mostly walk better than I do, but it's a good challenge. After the last class mommy and the other mums went the a cafe and had lunch. I was so tired I fell asleep even though there was a big 3 year old birthday party happening right behind us!

The other day at the under 5s playground I made a new friend- Freddie. He's British and he's 4 and a half! We played a lot, things like chase the baby, dig in the sand and bang on the balance beam. My favorite thing was going down the slide sitting up on Freddie's lap! Wow! That was so fun I squealed. His little sister Esme played with us too, she's 2 and I think she's very pretty. I flirted a lot with her. Mommy didn't take any pictures, but I think we'll probably be seeing Esme and Freddie again soon.

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